Apple recently launched its latest iPhone offerings. If news are to be believed, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have already been breaking records. Millions have already pre-ordered the units. While Apple is basking in its latest mega success, Samsung is gearing up to create a rival worthy of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Rumor has it that a Samsung Galaxy S7 is already in the works set to launch next spring.

Here’s what we know so far about the Galaxy S7:
  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 may spot a new type of glass cover as supported by the news that Samsung seems to have requested a Turtle Glass trademark. In previous Samsung phones, the brand has used the Gorilla Glass in partnership with Corning. But that’s about to change if the trademark request is indeed true.
  2. While it’s not confirmed if the Galaxy S7 will have a rear and front glass panels, another rumor has said that Samsung may use magnesium alloy this time around. Maybe Samsung will use metal for the back or glass. This one we’ll have to wait for some confirmation first.
  3. With the magnesium allow rumor, it seems like the Samsung Galaxy S7 may ditch the alluvium frame construction of the Galaxy S6. If this true, the S7 will be Samsung’s first ever fully metal smartphone yet.
  4. Another rumor has claimed that the Galaxy S7 may spot a bigger screen. Some believe that this might not be true. With the Galaxy S6 still fresh and very successful, Samsung may not deviate much in terms of design.
  5. As for the camera, the Galaxy S7 is believed to feature a 16MP rear camera while the front camera will feature a typical 5MP one. It’s basically just the same cameras as the S6.
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