After four long years, a court ruling has finally been made. Apple won the patent dispute, which means that Samsung may need to stop using a couple of features in their old Samsung phones and tablets. According to the court ruling, Apple deserves a marker leg-up. What this basically means is that Samsung can no longer use Apple features such as the autocorrect, quicklinks as well as the slide-to-unlock.

The ruling naturally is great news for Apple. Rather than compete with its own-patented features, the ruling is giving Apple a leverage to cover for the market loss in sales due to rival manufactures copying its own inventions. While previous ruling denied Apple of said leverage, this latest update to the 4-year long patent dispute has finally paid off well for Apple.

While the specifics of the ruling were not completely divulged to the pueblo, from what we can glean it was really about Apple fighting for a leverage that will stop rival companies from using and selling devices with infringed features. Other than the monetary judgments, the recent ruling is now barring Samsung from selling older phones and tablets with infringed features.

Though a huge win for Apple, Samsung has said that it has, at this point, already stopped older phones with said infringed features. When asked about the ruling, Apple’s only response was to reiterate the fact that Samsung did indeed steal and copied ideas from Apple products.

Samsung may consider appealing the court to reconsider the ruling. If that is the case, Samsung may be in for some waiting time for another definite ruling. For now, Apple seems to be in a pretty solid ground what with the court supporting its claims that the infringement issues affected the brand’s sales and market share.